Is Russia, China And US the primary contributors of climate change?

The US has singled out Russia and China as the primary contributors of climate change. During the last G-20 conference, US President Joe Biden openly singled out the two countries, while his predecessor, Barack Obama, did the same during the COP26 climate summit.

Augusto Zamora, a Nicaraguan intellectual, told Sputnik that they are accused of not doing anything to stop global warming, without mentioning the US’significant contribution’ to global pollution, and, more importantly, without mentioning the economic model that is leading the planet to a fatal environmental disaster.

“We need to restructure the economic model to address climate change. Any method that does not take this into account is nothing more than lovely words, and it is a deceit to good-faith people who do not comprehend the core reason “he stated

“The basis of the problem,” according to Zamora, a professor of Public International Law and International Relations at the Autonomous University of Madrid, is the “capitalist model,” which is built on “unbridled consumerism.”

“We cannot continue to consume indiscriminately, and the capitalist model’s mechanism of operation is precisely that: we must produce.

And these summits don’t get to the root of the problem, for a variety of reasons, including the fact that those who can put an end to it are the same people who are behind the continuation of an economic model that is completely unsustainable and destructive for mankind as a whole “He was adamant.

In this context, Zamora emphasized that the United States is the primary cause of climate change, citing the fact that “there are almost as many vehicles as people,” as well as other evidence showing “the average US resident produces the highest levels of pollution.”

“The United States would never consider changing this model,” he continued, “so it is easier to cast the finger at others—especially when we are in the midst of a worldwide struggle—than to accept that the United States is a critical part in the global dilemma we are facing.”


Article Author Gerluxe  Image: change-org

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